It’s important for buyers to understand the commute time especially in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Visiting a Sunday open house does not tell you how it is like to commute on weekdays. Simulating the commute on Goggle Map is not the same as actually sitting in your car. I recommend buyers to try driving from the target home search area to your work at the usual time you commute at lease once before getting deep into the home search.

A recent U.S. News & World Report article shared some commuting-related questions home shoppers should consider when deciding where they want to buy.

Does the commute fit your work day?

How long can you realistically spend to commute without impacting your lifestyle?  Does your work allow Telecommuting or flexible schedule?

What are the pros and cons of living farther out?

A longer commute may have some benefits, such as possibly better schools or cheaper homes. But do those potential benefits outweigh the longer commute?

How will you commute, and what will the costs be?

Will you drive or take public transportation? Buyers should factor in costs, such as gas fees or public transit fees.

Are you willing to pay more or live in a smaller home?

If your work place is in an expensive neighborhood, and if you don’t want to spend too much time to commute, your options might be paying more or living in a smaller home. Consider a townhouse or a condo instead of a single family home.

“The answers could mean the difference between a worry-free morning and a route that leaves you with a headache.”

Source: 5 Questions to Ask About Your Commute Before You Move to Your Next Home | US News Real Estate