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You have probably heard from someone, or read on the Internet that spring is the prime season for selling and buying homes. The weather is warmer, they day is longer and buyers with children are trying to get a house before the next school calendar begins.

The truth is that the prime home buying/selling season can change depending on where you live.  In many parts of the country where it gets really cold in winter, the prime home buying/selling seasons can be indeed spring and summer. The buying/selling seasons are less pronounced in areas with more temperate weather.

Los Angeles is a unique market where the buying/selling season tends to spread out over the year.  The market may slightly slow down in summer when some buyers are oriented toward summer vacations but this does not happen always.  The definite slow period is the holiday season from Thanksgiving week till New Years.

The below graph shows the number of sold and for sale homes per month in Los Angeles county in 2014.  There is no obvious seasonal trend except for some slowing down in winter. The number of for sale/sold homes appeared to be more influenced by the overall economical environment.

The best time to sell is when you are ready to sell. Start working with a real estate professional as early as possible to make the most of your sale in any season.

– Yukari Travis (323)314-8284

2014 LA country for sale sold monthly