I will represent you, not the seller.
I will exclusively represent your interest, not the seller’s.


I can give you winning buying strategies.
What if you find a great home, but someone else also wants it?  This is known as a “multiple offer” situation. In my market areas, it is more a norm than an exception. I have helped many buyers “win” a property in this situation and I know how. The offer price is an important factor, but there are many other factors.


I use advanced technology to keep constantly up to date with the market.
With instant access to all of the listings in the area, I will notify you of new listings daily, as soon as they become available.


I have an expansive network of contacts in the marketplace.
Often I know about new listings even before they come on the market.


I am patient
Describing things that are most important for your home is sometimes not easy. We often do not know what we want until we see it. I can show you homes until you get comfortable in making decisions. No pressure.


I am ethical
Real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to their clients. Agents must put clients’ interests ahead of their own. I take this duty very seriously.


I will pay attention to details
I will pay attention to every detail of the transaction and use my experience and expertise to address issues before they become problems.


I love technology
I know how to dig up information about a property on the Internet. If you wish, you can sign almost all documents electronically form anywhere in the world, and share reports and completed documents with me using Dropbox. I am not a dinosaur. I live in the today’s world.


My service as a buyer’s agent is paid by the seller. No hidden fees.
Real estate commissions to buyer’s agents are paid from the seller’s proceeds. However, many California brokers charge a flat fee to buyers.  I hate “hidden fees” so I pay the broker’s flat fee out of my own pocket. My service to you as a buyer’s agent is absolutely free.


You can talk to real estate attorneys FREE.
When buying real estate, there may be times you would like to have a legal advice. How should I take title?  Is joint tenancy the best way?  What should I do if the seller breaches the contract? If you are my client, you can talk to experienced real estate attorneys at no cost. It’s a great peace of mind. Please click here for more details.